OzMask – Healing Mask Advanced

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LED OzMask – Healing Mask Advanced uses photo dynamic therapy. It can stimulate the activity of skin cells, and renovate the stratum affected by the shine of an LED light.

LED OzMask – Healing Mask Advanced has three lights: high-intensity infrared light, blue light, and green light. Three lights combined together can increase the activity of cells, inhibit inflammation, and promote blood circulation. Therefore, it can result in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, and acne removal, and so on.

Interface: Remaining working time LED color, working model Time up: Increase working time

Time down: Reduce working time Switch button for LED working mode: manual / AUTO. (the Triangle arrow on the left points to present mode)

Power switch button: Power switch and LED light work or not (press once, the device will turn on, press once again to start/pause LED light. Keep pressing for 3s to turn off the device)

LED color: Manual setting LED color (Blue+NIR, Red+NIR, Blue+Red+NIR)


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Our Healing Mask Solutions :

Preps for regeneration during sleep
Improve sleep quality
Calm skin irritation from the day
Increases melatonin levels
Relaxing nighttime ritual
Better absorption of night serums


Activate Collagen
Accelerate new collagen regeneration, skin will become more tender.
Improve the activity of cells, and reduce wrinkle.
Improve skin tone
Improve blood circulation, let skin become ruddy.
Desalt pigmentation
Resolve the pigment. promote blood circulation, control pigmentation generation.
Skin tightening
New collagen regrow, skin becomes more elasticity.
Wavelength and Function
460nm Blue-light uses for anti-microbic, acne removal and pores shrinking.
630nm Red-light Sin whitening, skin rejuvenation, increase collagen and elasticity.
830nm Near-IR stimulates collagen generation, and the activity of cells.

Operation interfaces

The length of the mask belt can be changed depends on personal habit.
Please read the instructions before use, make sure the power cable has been connected.
Clean your face before use.
If necessary, you can combine with cosmetic products and masks.
Sit or lie on the chair, put he eye cover on and then use machine.
Use the machines depends on the treatment demands.
Turn off the machine after and remove the eye cover and power cable.
Clean the mask and put it back in the box.


Use specified adapter and power cord.
Recommend 20 – 30 minutes each time, twice using the interval not less then 30 minutes of continuous prolonged use may cause overheating of the instrument.
Pregnant women, epilepsy, light sensitivity or produce other adverse reactions after use, please stop using, and prescribed use.
Please use the goggle to keep eyes from LED light.
Please moisture, dust, anti-stress, anti-sunlight preservation.
When cleaning the instrument, use a soft towel or clean cloth dipped in water to clean, avoid scratching the surface, the impact of-light effect.
Use in a quiet indoor environment of the instrument during treatment, do not walk around, to avoid surprises.
Non-professionals do not try to disassemble and change the product, if necessary, please contact the manufacturer.
The instrument is configured cable to avoid twisting, appearance scratches or corrosion, So as to avoid the instrument does not work properly or personal injury.

Technique Support

Our after-sale service idea is: Customers are always reasonable, we need continuously supply first rate service for our customers forever. “We have separated after sale service department, and sophisticated skill, capable of supply support for maintenance and clinical questions at any time. excellent phone answering service team will supply the newest technology and information to you in time!

After sales Service

After Sales Standard
Promise for after-sales service
Standard for free warranty
Do not enjoy free repair standard
Repair service

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 20 cm

135 reviews for OzMask – Healing Mask Advanced

  1. Monica S. 

    as a person that gets stressed easily this is such a thing to use. it just gives me time to properly treat myself, it fixes my skin and helps me relax. lovely

  2. Burl 

    The mask arrived nicely packed, instruction is really clear and easy to follow. After cleaning my face, I spread serum on and put on the mask, click buttons for several times to set the color of light, brightness and time and that’s it. I tried red light the first day for 20 minutes, the serum absorbed nicely after, and the next morning my face was glowing, I guess it really works, I will take turn try other color of lights later..

  3. Linda Lheureux

    I have tried every eye cream or at least it seems like it so I didn’t have high hopes but with so many positive reviews I had to try it. I’ve been using it once a day at night and even though it’s only been several days it has made a noticeable difference in the dark circles under my eyes. They’re not gone but greatly reduced along with the puffiness. Just a small amount under my eyes after I’ve removed my makeup. Pros: It works in reducing dark circles (mine are due to sinus issues) and puffiness, only need a very small amount, no noticeable odor. Cons: Slight eye irritation when I wake up but goes away as soon as I wash my face. Small price to pay.

  4. Christie B

    not many products achieve what they promise to do but this one absolutely does. they just keep the promise

  5. Catharine 

    This treatment does not go without effort. It takes time and dedication to get results. For me, every minute is worth it. My skin LOVES this light therapy. This mask is the most effective at home treatment I’ve used. I have been using this mask daily for four weeks now, and have seen an improvement in pretty much all aspects of my skin. Blemishes have improved markedly, skin tone and evenness. I have a youthful glow that I haven’t gotten with any creams..

  6. Evelynn

    I got results after my first treatment. Make sure you have no makeup on otherwise the light won’t penetrate the skin. This is as strong as the ones I have used in the beauty salon. As soon as I finish my treatment my face feels and looks amazing, but the results are more obvious the next day or two. So excited to see the results I get in a months’ time.

  7. Carlyn 

    I have been using the OZMask OZMask for 16 days now and I would have to say that it has made a difference for my mild acne. I still get pimples, but they don’t last as long or get as big as they did before using this mask!.

  8. Britt 

    I bought this as a gift for my mom and she loves it!! Not sure I understand how this works but apparently, she does!.

  9. Antonia

    I started using OZMask light treatments with a cheap mask from the store and I saw results over time, but nothing like this mask. This is like driving a Ferrari compared to the Ford Pinto I used previously. I use the red light for 20 minutes and then the green light for 20 minutes, three times a week. My last mask didn’t have all the colors this one has, and the green light has made a huge difference. Excellent company, great customer service, and follow-up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!.

  10. Angle

    Amazing product. I mainly use it for acne and It is super effective. Interested to see if it works for fine lines! But it is really time-consuming..

  11. Lisa

    How about i start with the bad first. It is a little uncomfortable at first but after the second time using it i had no issues. It is a little heavy but that is because it’s built to last and the amount of OZMask lights it has in it makes adds to the weight and i would prefer it to be heavy then have less OZMask lights and not work as good. This is designed to give results and so here comes the good. This mask has done wonders for my skin. I want to use it on other parts of my body and see if i get similar results. I have so many sun spots that have almost completely faded. I know they said to use it only 15 minutes per day but i been using it for 30 minutes. I will do another review in a month.

  12. Judy Cunha

    Oh my, I will never be without this. I use it every 3rd or 4th night and it makes my skin smoother and brighter.

  13. Aaron

    I love this mask and use it every day. Each day I use two of the color modes in the rotation, the following day I use the next two, and so on. And it works. My skin tone has never looked more smooth and even! After about 5 months of use, the USB port on the mask itself broke loose and I was unable to use the mask, but OZMask proactively saw my mention of this in my updated review and just shipped me a brand new unit at no cost to me. Apparently, this item comes with a lifetime guarantee! It was incredible customer service from a company that really cares about its customers and believes in its products. Highly recommended!.

  14. Bula 

    Red and blue OZMask light have scientific evidence for skin rejuvenation. I’m not sure about the other colors of OZMask s in this mask, but I really like it. I put small “prop” at the chin area so it doesn’t push uncomfortably against my face. I’ve been using Red OZMask s for several years and I believe it’s made a nice difference in my skin quality..

  15. Anderson

    The product really works! Ive only been using it for about a week once a day and have already noticed my acne scars diminishing and my pores shrinking. My skin looks and feels firmer! It has also helped to reduce the oil on my face fairly quickly! My favorite combination is 10 min of Red, 10 min of Green, 5 min of Yellow, and 5 min of Purple!.

  16. Britteny

    I’ve had issues with acne for years and have tried just about everything. So far (about 4 months of use) I’m really impressed by the results. My skin is much clearer than when I started. Most importantly the acne that used to be along my jawline is gone. Also, think the price is pretty good for what you get. It’s cheaper than a couple of light treatments at a dermatologist. And unlike some other light masks, you don’t have to purchase extra uses..

  17. Edna Walsh

    I was skeptical at first but was left pleasantly surprised by how effective this is.

  18. Ingrid P.

    Really worth it. A little heavy, but got used to it. Great exposure with flexible choices.

  19. Angella

    So far so good! It’s still too soon to see improvement in my brown spots but the skin texture feels better, softer. I love how you have many colors to choose from for different benefits. It comes with a card detailing the benefit of each color. I have also worn it on top of my head with the red light to improve my hair fullness & minimize hair loss. So far my hair is much much softer. I also was thrilOZMask to see that when I colored my hair I had about 75% less hair fall out compared to when I colored it last time. Wow!

  20. James Weinberger

    As other reviews say, for dark circles, you can’t expect a cream to banish them completely. But I was surprised (as a guy) at how well this works, for a very fair price. My raccoon eyes aren’t as intense nor as big after a couple of weeks. It’s also made the skin look less like crumped tissue paper, which is nice. I’d say it subtracts 5 years from my 30-something face. This has quickly become an essential part of my daily routine.

  21. Karen Dickerson

    I purchased this product six months ago in the hopes to help heal facial chemical burns. I was very unsure if OZMask therapy really effective so I decided to try it. Aside from the topical treatment of bio-oil daily, I used OZMask for 5-minute intervals in red light and green light mode. It really worked lightening some terrible scarring I would have kept above my brows.

  22. Megan Bonner

    Im so happy with this product! Ive struggOZMask with adult acne for years and this has given me great results in a few weeks. I also used vitamin B5 and mild chemical exfoliants at home. I use this mask 4-5x a week. 15 mins of red, blue, and green light all at level 5. Im so thankful for this product.

  23. Layla D.

    Have really seen an improvement in texture and tone of skin since I started using it. Highly recommend it.

  24. Perry K. –

    Easy to use, I use it and my teenage son uses it. I bought it based on a recommendation from an aesthetician. And I do see some improvement on my skins texture and color.

  25. Mary Edmondson

    I had a NuFace in the past, but the results only last 24 hours because it only tones the muscles. Then I read about OZMask light therapy and found this OZMask color light mask. I was impressed by the fact that it can rebuild your collagen back. I ordered one and after the first use my skin was much smoother and after 2 weeks my skin was plumping up and it looks just beautiful!!! Thank you so much for the amazing product and I think every woman should have it at home!!!

  26. Cami 

    I got results after my first treatment. Make sure you have no makeup on otherwise the light won’t penetrate the skin. This is as strong as the ones I have used in the beauty salon. As soon as I finish my treatment my face feels and looks amazing, but the results are more obvious the next day or two. So excited to see the results I get in a months’ time..

  27. Rachel Webb

    This is a really great eye cream. It’s gentle and applies nicely. I have actually noticed a difference in skin texture when I remember to use this for a few days. It has helped hydrate my eye area. The price is a great selling point too. This brand has worked better for me than some of the other more expensive brands I’ve tried in the past. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a gentle eye cream.

  28. Joseph Bolles 

    I wrote a bad review about 2 weeks ago and I need to apologize. Their customer service is the best, they helped me with everything and now Im enjoying the mask and I cannot be more satisfied. It feels soo good!!! My skin is so sensitive, but this mask helps a lot! I highly recommend it!! ?? Thank you OZMask so much !! ????

  29. Kaye Watson

    As a beautician working in a spa, I think this is a great OZMask . When you can treat yourself comfortably at home, this is another option that must go to the spa and have a facial. This mask looks cool and works well. The mask fits my face perfectly. Different colors help to handle different things. I mainly use blue and green lights, and after using it for about a month every two days, I noticed a big difference. My skin looks healthier and even glows. Worth buying.

  30. Elizabeth Henson 

    Very moisturizing, not grease, makes the face feel great, easy to apply and use. I really like it.

  31. Cammie 

    This is such a great product. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks, and I notice there is a huge difference on my face. I have had blemishes, and now my face looks better. Less blemishes come out, and it seems like the light works effectively. By the way, the seller is great as well..

  32. Britta

    Love this product. I’ve used light therapy before at a dermatologist’s office with good results so looked for an affordable option for home use..

  33. Joy F

    This indeed makes a huge difference in my complexion.

  34. Argentina

    First off I’m a 38 yr old mom of twin daughters. I’m tired all the time and too busy to care for myself. So with that, I must say this serum has helped me so much. It works so well that I got hit on by a 15 yr old boy and I get carded for R rated movies??. I am truly happy with what I see in the mirror. Also, the customer service is off the chain. They are personable and helpful with any concerns with skin issues. I love this stuff and I’ll be using it forever. I also buy it for my mom who is 60 and my aunt who is 70. They are addicted to this serum ??..

  35. Abby

    Easy to use and am seeing some results after a short period of time..

  36. Alpha

    Excellent product, makes a huge difference..

  37. Wanda Galles 

    Oh my God. I could not believe how good my face feels with this on. It’s so soothing and NOT GREASY at all. I can see some of my fine wrinkles smooth out as well. This product delivers as promised. It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny in my opinion. I will use this once a week.

  38. Carmelita 

    Easy to use, I use it and my teenage son uses it. I bought it based on a recommendation from an aesthetician. And I do see some improvement on my skins texture and color..

  39. Andy

    Bought two weeks ago for my GF. Actually, I was surprised in the first place why she bought this so-calOZMask “OZMask ” mask, but when she turned it on, it so cool! So many color options and I am still confused about which light is for what. Anyway, she seems happy with it, and she used blue and yellow mostly. The instruction is quite simple and straight and it’s also easy to use. My suggestion to the manufacture is to put a removable rubber band to tie it so you do not lie down flatly on the bed all the time..

  40. Bettyann

    I have very light, oily, sensitive skin at 46. Mostly Rosacea where its blood vessel issues and some plain acne. I have been using the OZMask daily for 4 months and I have definitely noticed that the red blotches are clearing up and my face is dryer. It’s so good!.

  41. Bunny 

    I have used this mask for a few days now and I can tell it’s doing a good job. It costs much less money and saves me time to just use this mask at home to achieve spa result..

  42. Sally P

    I really like using the mask. I have noticed it does clear up my acne and will continue using it.

  43. Arlen

    I have been using the c serum that costs about $200, but this one works so much better. I think I found my new favorite!.

  44. Victoria A

    I have been using this for three weeks. I am a 50 year old female who has fought hormonal blemishes all my life. Since using this, I have had no cystic pimples (I usually have one a month) and all other pimples have been reduced to near nothing. Overall skin redness is reduced as well and my aging skin feels softer and a little tighter. I plan to continue this treatment.

  45. Rebecca Cloninger

    43yo woman here. I am prone to the rare chin breakout during that time of the month but otherwise, my skin is relatively clear with just some small blackhead on the nose and chin. I am routinely taken for a woman 10 years younger and I’d like to keep it that was a long as possible. After reading so many reviews I gave this a shot and I’m very glad I did. My skin has cleared up considerably in the 3 months I’ve been using this product. I put it on every morning under my makeup, after my shower, and again before bed. I follow it up with light Oil of Olay moisturizer twice a day and WOW my skin looks so great! The texture is smoother, I have even less small acne than before and overall I see a marked improvement in my complexion. Love this stuff and will continue to buy it over and over each time the bottle runs out.

  46. Brunilda 

    The blue light has dramatically improved my adult acne. I other colors are a bonus. I wish I found this mask a few months ago. I am going to give this to my sister for her birthday..

  47. Ladonna Rowe

    I’ve been embarrassed for years about the bags under my eyes, but with two preschoolers at home, stress, and mild insomnia I didn’t see a way out. This is like a little miracle tube. I use it before bed and then in the morning too. I use it even if I didn’t wash my face. I’ve gone from looking like there are bruises under my eyes to looking normal again. I no longer feel the need to use concealer under my eyes on a regular basis. I highly recommend it! I use a few other products that make my sensitive skin red or burn, this doesn’t do that. It doesn’t have an overwhelming smell either which I appreciate. It’s worth every penny.

  48. Bronwyn 

    I researched red light therapy for my aging issues. I have used it most days since purchasing. I have found my skin to look clearer and brighter. My redness is greatly diminished. It has worked wonders..

  49. Annabell

    My friend recommended this beauty OZMask to me, and I was really happy that she did. The benefits of this mask are amazing, from acne to anti-aging and just for rejuvenation. My skin looks better after just a few times a week I used it. I had one pimple that popped up when I started to use this, after a few days it went away and dried so quickly. I noticed that my lines underneath my eyes are less visible as well. This mas really works and I definitely recommend this to all the ladies who love to take care of their skin. The OZMask light is an amazing technology and really good for the skin. The price of this is not bad as well, I think it can compete with the expensive ones too so this is on the average price point. I’m very happy with this beauty tool..

  50. Aretha

    I always get compliments on my skin after using this, I noticed the results with it straight away. I got lazy and I stopped using it for a few weeks and I definitely noticed the difference, my skin got gross and dull and after one day of using it again looked so much brighter and clearer. Also, I had a really sore blind pimple right next to my nose (you know the ones) and used it for 20mins on red and the soreness was gone, used it the next night and by the morning the pimple was gone, need I say more!.

  51. Norma Campbell 

    I am not really sure I think any face mask does much, but I still love using them a few times a month. These are great. You get 5 in a pack and they are great for those nights you just need a little extra pampering. They leave my skin feeling soft and fresh!

  52. Ingrid Moe

    It was pleasant using this mask and the results are visible on more wrinkOZMask , senior skin. The mask was a little ‘short’ so I pulOZMask the nose section apart to have more room around my eyes. I patted the mask on as per directions and relaxed for 15 minutes. The mask felt good due to the cotton sheet. I was surprised at how much moisturizer/ingredients were in the packet so I scooped that extra out and put it on my neck. Opening the mask was not very difficult, the mask didn’t tear at all. As I said there was so much moisturizer on it I’m glad I opened it over the bathroom sick as a few drops fell out. The mask came off easily when done and I rubbed the remaining moisturizer into my skin. It did not feel sticky to me. I had used only one other face mask before and it was awful – this was a pleasure to use. Much better feel and results! I’ve already put it in my cart to purchase I think it will be an enjoyable weekly treat for my skin.

  53. Anita

    Updated review due to outstanding customer service!!! The mask was painful around my eye area but they are making it right and sending me out a new mask. Very prompt reply from customer service and will update the review again once the product arrives and I can try it out! Customer service alone is a 5 star!.

  54. Doris Janney

    I dont know if its me who wants to see a difference or if the product is truly working. However, I personally see my dark circles slightly going away. I know itll take time and wont happen overnight lol but definitely do see a change. Ive always had dark circles, always tried every remedy in the market and nothing seemed to work for me until I found this product! Im so glad I stumbOZMask upon it! Im hoping soon my dark circles will completely disappear! Definitely recommend!

  55. Aleida

    Great product. After one week of use, I noticed improvement on my skin, the dark spots from pregnancy were reduced. My skin feels more tight and smooth. I’m so glad it comes with googles. I have used green and red lights so far, looking forward to trying the other ones. I recommend this product..

  56. Sophia N.

    I’ve only used the light mask for one week, but I’ve already had dramatic reduction in acne. I am a 40+ year old who was so frustrated by the adult acne I was experiencing. I am extremely pleased with this product and have already been telling my friends about it. I read some other reviews where the mask was hard to use or didn’t work. That hasn’t been my experience. It has been easy to use!

  57. Laura Q.

    I bought this to replace an older handheld light therapy machine. I have struggOZMask with acne and scaring and this mask has made a noticeable difference in my skin in using it a few days. I primarily use the blue and red lights, and I love it. It is so simple to use and I like using it before bed when I am laying down. Would highly recommend.

  58. Molly March 

    Amazing product. I especially like the blue light for breakouts. Takes the inflammation right out with one 20min application. Have been using approx 4 times a week for the last month, with the red and blue lights on full strength, and have received questions about whether I’ve had any ‘work done’… Which I haven’t… So guessing it’s working well!!

  59. Annette

    I have very sensitive skin so my face gets red so easily. I have acne on my face and the acne scars bother me so much. I hate to look at my face in front of the mirror. I have tried so many products. Unfortunately, nothing helps me until I found this OZMask . I have been using it for over two weeks. Firstly I tried the blue light and the yellow light because I want to kill my acne and calm my skin down so that it wont get red so easily. I am so happy and surprised because I have seen my acne gone and the acne scars were fading away and my skin now is tighter and smoother than before. Thanks to this OZMask I found my confidence. I will keep using it for my next goal anti-aging..

  60. Bruno 

    The mask is well made, and I like that it is easy to use and that it is not something I have to keep moving around my face (which I know I would not have the patience for). Cannot comment yet on how effective it is, and will try to remember to update that later, but it really is uncomfortable and heavy. For that reason, I can only use it for 15 minutes at a time. Does seem to be well made. I think they could supply better instructions on how to use effectively for the best results..

  61. Bulah 

    This OZMask works very well. I have used it several times and it does the job. I feel my skin is getting whiter and refreshing. It can observe more moisture than before. Some slight redness on my face was gone. In addition, the weight and shape of mask quiet fit me. I am so happy to find this mask!.

  62. Annita

    I am very pleased with my purchase. This is a much better investment than the cheap drugstore brands which have a limited life..

  63. Antoine

    I gave this to my friend because she’s a big skincare guru, she’s been using it for a couple of days. She said the mask is easy to operate and she loves it. Her main concern is wrinkling, and she said she’s been seeing great results, she thinks long term use can really make an impact. I would recommend this as a gift, or for yourself because I think it’s an effective product and it’s definitely worth the price..

  64. Ardelia

    I have noticed a huge difference with my skin in the 3 weeks I have been using it. I have always had an issue with rosacea and redness, and dull skin, but my skin now looks refreshed and vibrant..

  65. Alex

    This cream is like all I have tried from this brand. It has been so smooth, not greasy, and extremely moisturizing. Has a nice smell to it and it doesn’t take much cover your whole face!.

  66. Karmela

    I have been using for 2 months faithfully every day- and I love this light mask! I’m in my late 30s, still getting acne, and sick of having to use teenage products. I have been a slave to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide for 25 years! With the help of this mask, I’m now officially off the benzoyl peroxide (since the light takes its place at killing bacteria). And I have been able to switch from salicylic acid, to glycolic acid (which is much better for my aging skin. I am so happy that this is all I have to use for clear, healthy skin! I finally feel free!

  67. Anya

    Great mask! Found it helped considerably with clearing my skin after about 2.5 weeks of use :).

  68. Nervana

    i strongly suggest that you use it before a hot shower it will boost your mood for the rest of the day and make you feel relaxed

  69. Antonette

    This mask is wonderful! If you do a treatment at night, you will be amazed at your skin the next morning. It will lighten pigmentation, fight acne, and plump lines. I use it for pigmentation and hormonal acne. Along with Vitamin C for the pigmentation and benzoyl peroxide around my period, this mask has greatly improved my skin..

  70. Bruce 


  71. Adrianna L

    I am so glad I decided to get this! I have suffered adult acne with scars and absolutely nothing seemed to work. I do a treatment right before I go to sleep and it has made a huge difference already! It doesn’t hurt, burn or dry my skin out like some of the other treatments I have tried. I would highly recommend it!

  72. Arline 

    This delivers on its advertised promises. I found it very easy to get out and apply. I didn’t need scissors to open the packs. After getting it out, it’s just a matter of unfolding and putting it on.

  73. June Ozment

    I am satisfied with this purchase. I ordered it one day late at night and it arrived in the morning of the next day! It is a really quick delivery. This mask is fancy and interesting. I want to try something special. It is good.

  74. Aleta

    My daughter and I have been enjoying the mask. We all have seen improvements in our skin tone. I highly recommend it. The only downside is that you can’t preset the color to change during the 15-minute cycle..

  75. Dalia Stewart

    This product is a freakin godsend. Ive been dealing with adult and/or hormonal acne for YEARS now, and I have tried EVERYTHING – from proactiv to neutrogena – even the ones specifically for stubborn and adult acne, and NONE of them would do anything besides this. My pimples (even the most stubborn ones) have dramatically reduced in size and redness in just one night. This is my first review online and Im only doing it because I know how frustrating and embarrassing acne is…you have to order, you wont be disappointed!!

  76. Yvonne Beal

    This mask really improved my skin condition. I have acne skin. I often had acne, and after that, it left a lot of acne marks. After using it, I don’t have acne anymore, and the acne marks were still fading. This really surprised me. I haven’t found any effect on freckle removal. If it works, I will continue to share my experience with you. I’ve been using it for a month now. I really like it. It’s much cheaper than a beauty salon. It’s a good deal. I’ve recommended it to my best friend. I would say that it’s worth buying.

  77. Amanda S

    I’m very big on skincare so anything that promises to help my skin, I will try at least once. I recently began reading into OZMask lights and was excited to see if it would work. This mask is very easy to use and right away I felt like something was working!! The different light settings provide different benefits for the skin. I like to put it on at night for 10-15 minutes and relax while it does its magic. After a few weeks, I feel that my redness is gone and less acne spots appear. Love this mask, great investment.

  78. Armida

    I really like the way this product makes my skin feel. I cleanse my face and apply the stuff on with a cotton ball, and it is fantastic. It smells really nice and makes my skin velvety soft. I could wear it every day (I apply in the morning), but I just do it every other day to save money. It’s definitely one of my favorite facial products!!!.

  79. Ryan H

    I’ve seen a lot of celebrities using this mask, so I thought, “Why wouldn’t it work for a guy like me, too?”

  80. Karen Murphy

    I think I found my new favorite face wash. You only need a dime-size amount and this product lathers nicely. I love the scent, it smells like fresh lemons and oranges. I use this in the morning and it kind wakes me up. After washing my face with this product my skin feels so soft and I noticed a huge improvement on my skin, it doesnt feel dry or look dull anymore. If you are looking for a new face wash to try. I would suggest this one, its my new favorite and I will keep buying this from now on.

  81. Sawa M.

    Really works, was pleasantly surprised. Only using the 3 power setting on my fair skin, Red color, and seeing a great improvement in wrinkles. Wish I’d gotten years ago. Kind of heavy, but I lean back in my pillow and go through a very lovely and relaxing experience.

  82. Adele

    Just what i was looking for! Its safe on using with no side effects.I did not even feel the warmth maybe because I kept the level 1. But yes it seems to work just fine..

  83. Caitlyn 

    Much better investment than other cheap masks..

  84. Alleen

    Excellent I love it

  85. Ella-Johnston 

    My wife loves the mask. It is easy to use and she feels helps with her acne. Bought this product because of all the different light options available versus other models.

  86. Ardell

    It’s good we can see the difference instantly but the change on your skin does not stay longer, hardly stays for a day or two. Need more information on what and how to use it. I have used it on my mother in law and she loved it. She felt her skin is tight and wrinkle-free for 2 to 3 days after using it..

  87. Annalee

    I have very stubborn acne on my jaw that doesn’t go away. I first tried a light therapy mask through the Neutrogena brand. Unfortunately, there was a recall and I had to return it. After that, I decided to give this one a try. The mask is very sturdy and not flimsy like the Neutrogena one. It also has many different colors of light that help with different things like even skin tone, tighten skin, prevent wrinkles. You can also adjust the brightening of the light and set a different timer. Overall when used consistently, it does help calm acne and avoid further inflammation..

  88. Antione

    Ive been researching these masks for a while now and am so happy with my purchase. Very high quality and It has more colors than most other masks Ive looked at. So much more convenient than getting a light treatment with a dermatologist and much cheaper..

  89. Alethea

    Been using it last week and saw most of my acne wounds heaOZMask up and gotten much lighter. The light therapy works great when I use it 15-20 mins a day cycling between red and yellow light. The mask is a bit heavy but I just lay down on the sofa and play with my phone. This is much cheaper than getting it outside..

  90. Serena H. 

    its really good i just had a problem that i have to use it multiple times but its worth it and anyway the one time things is not as effective

  91. Almeta

    I have been using this eye gel for about 3 weeks, and I’m absolutely hooked.

  92. Deborah Dotson 

    Hands down the only thing that I have ever found that works for my acne. I don’t have a ton of acne, but I’m 31 and have hormonal acne, so when I get a zit, its a monster! I was a skeptic because nothing else in my 17 years of acne has ever worked, so I thought it would be a flop. I was so wrong. Within the first few days, not just a few underlying pimples were barely there along my hairline, then a few more days around my mouth and chin, so quickly they were to disappear before they even made it to the surface of my skin! I use every morning and night. It gives your skin a little tingle, which means its working! Then its like magic, and for once your skin is clear, and it feels and looks healthy! My old acne scars are slowly disappearing, and stress acne and hormonal acne are a thing of the past for me! Worth every penny!

  93. Brinley B. 

    Much better investment than other cheap masks.

  94. Charlotte-Stratton

    This was a birthday present for my daughter and she has been using it every day. She loves it.

  95. Zuri L.

    I’ve had issues with acne for years and have tried just about everything. So far (about 4 months of use) I’m really impressed by the results. My skin is much clearer than when I started. Most importantly the acne that used to be along my jawline is gone. Also, think the price is pretty good for what you get. It’s cheaper than a couple of light treatments at a dermatologist. And unlike some other light masks, you don’t have to purchase extra uses.

  96. Angeles

    I was highly suspicious if this product works or not, because you pay about $100 per session at a spa for a similar thing like this. but i had to try it out, because if this works its very good for your skin and i can save a lot of money!! i have used it recently because ive been getting breakout, and i must say it was easy to use and in two uses i saw results!!! Defiantly recommended!!!.

  97. Burt 

    Since being pregnant I have experienced acne, now postpartum I did not want to use those heavy chemically treated moisturizers. I researched OZMask light therapy masks and purchased this– and love it!.

  98. Emma

    guys this is the most efficient mask and with the most reasonable price others are mostly scams i strongly suggest

  99. Camilla 

    I am so glad I decided to get this! I have suffered adult acne with scars and absolutely nothing seemed to work. I do a treatment right before I go to sleep and it has made a huge difference already! It doesn’t hurt, burn or dry my skin out like some of the other treatments I have tried. I would highly recommend it!.

  100. Agueda

    I have definitely seen and felt a difference in my skin..

  101. Hayley Ross 

    Received it recently and been using the red light every morning for 15 minutes followed by the serum. Just learned though by another doctor that the green light is like walking under a canopy of trees or through a rainforest. The green affects the pineal gland, is very beneficial for harmony and balance so I’ll do that in the evening for 30 minutes. The more research I do, the more colours I’ll use. As a retired nurse I always knew about infra-red heat therapy for muscle injuries but this goes so much further. Research shows benefits for brain, vascular and neural pathway rejuvenation, ptsd, dementia and so much more. I know this company is not making these claims but research and scientific papers do. So exciting, I’m not only happy with the face mask but ready for a full body panels.

  102. Hayley Ross 

    I love my LED mask Have had a few minor issues Michael was extremely helpful and resolved the issues. Sending out replacement the next . I love my mask makes me so relaxed too . Even my kids now ( after getting used to iron man being in the house ) just close the door and say “ mums having her time “ Highly recommend

  103. Rennae 

    Wow! I literally ordered this last night and the customer service has been nothing short of outstanding. It’s so refreshing when a company really takes pride in taking care of their customers. Thank you Michael. Much appreciated. I will leave another review once I’ve started using the mask! Can’t wait ??

  104. Rennae 

    I bought the anti-aging kit and have been using it as per the treatment plan Linda provided me. My main skin concerns were puffiness under the eyes, some fine smile lines and just general skin care. It has been just over 3 weeks and everyone including my daughter and close friend have complimented me on how good my skin is looking. The puffiness has reduced so much which I think is from the peptide eye cream and my skin overall feels and looks much smoother. I am excited to see the results in a few months time and will leave another review.

  105. Odilia Johnson 

    So far, I’m a fan! I’ve noticed more even skin and a reduction in the appearance of freckles. Even my under-eye is looking better… and it’s only been ONE WEEK!

  106. Alysa

    This light therapy mask works really well for my acne prone skin. I used to get acne on my face and would never go away. Ever since I started using this mask, I begin to noticed less less acne, and now after two months, im only dealing with scars..

  107. Arletha

    I often find that sheet masks don’t contain enough liquid, but that is not the case with these! They are packed full of moisturizing liquid that easily absorbs into your skin. The fit of the mask is accurate and it stays on. My face felt refreshed and quenched after using it. I will be coming back for more of these!.

  108. Alissa

    I dont know if its me who wants to see a difference or if the product is truly working. However, I personally see my dark circles slightly going away. I know itll take time and wont happen overnight lol but definitely do see a change. Ive always had dark circles, always tried every remedy in the market and nothing seemed to work for me until I found this product! Im so glad I stumbOZMask upon it! Im hoping soon my dark circles will completely disappear! Definitely recommend!.

  109. Monique 

    I’m totally addicted to the OzMask LED mask. I was spending huge amounts of money in salons so thought I’d give it a try due to the great reviews. And so glad I did! This is a seriously good investment and absolutely works. Especially when people comment on how great my skin looks – which is a big deal being in my 50s. Can’t recommend highly enough

  110. Monique 

    I have been using so many products for my adult acne and nothing has helped as much as the mask and the acne products that came with it. I followed their treatment plan and at first i thought it wasn’t working and Michael said just stick to it and luckily I did as my skin has never been better. My dermatologist also said that what ever i am doing is working and not to change anything. Glad my husband pushed me to buying this as I thought nothing would help.

  111. Kate

    I bought the OzMask LED mask about a year ago and have loved it! The results are amazing and a fantastic beauty routine you can do at home. I’ve had to reach out for assistance with my mask on a couple of occasions and the after sales service is 5 star. I would highly recommend this product.

  112. Lynette de Silva 

    I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist, I have worked with many different LEDS in clinic and this is such an incredible home version! Very impressed, I use it all the time 🙂

  113. Miki 

    I’ve waited 8 months to write this so hopefully, it provides some long term insights. LED masking is not just a $ investment but also a daily time investment. Is it worth it? I think it is a YES. I just turned 40 and I’ve never had better skin. I’ve always had adult acne, not bad enough to justify medication but still painful inflamed cyst that always ends as a mark. With blue light, the breakouts are now spots rather than cysts. I Purple light these spots, which “zaps” them so it is gone in a day or 2 and with no mark.  I’d previously lost elasticity on my cheeks due to aging and intense acids trying to counteract my acne. Scientifically red light takes about 8 months to show results. The skin tone in my left cheek is almost back to being plump, there is still some way to go on my right cheek but definitely a big improvement. The best thing about OzMask is actually their customer service. With scientific things like LED light wavelength, how much to use, what colour to use, you need advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. This’s especially so when it’s a mandatory part of your daily routine. It has to work. Michael has been legendary. With all the help Michael has provided, never once was there prompting to post a review. Which means that the 10,000+ reviews came from people who took the time to write something of their own volitation. It is how I feel, it changed my life and is an essential part of it, and I’d like to share it with everyone.

  114. Kim Tran

    Very happy with the purchase. My daughter was receiving light therapy with out beautician to help with her psoriasis. I bought the OzMask to use in between treatments and it has help with great results. My teenage son has also been using the lights for his acne breakout. He was surprised with the results and how quick the light work to clear his face up. Worth the money.

  115. Fatima Shah

    Very happy with my purchase. I have a lot issues with hormonal acne but using this mask for 2 weeks I haven’t had one breakout, my skin looks amazing I can’t stop looking in the mirror, I feel more confident without make up. Highly recommend!

  116. Perlina A.

    i always had these dead skin things on my forehead and noes it made me look really bad and felt awful too. the mask made them go away made me glow and my face feels like a baby’s bottom now

  117. Catherin 

    I am delighted with the tightening of my skin, the smoothness of my skin, my disappearing enlarged pores, and the lovely, youthful glow my face has. I still have my wrinkles around the lower half of my face. I have recommended this mask to my friends and will continue to do so. I have only been using it for 15 minutes rather than 20 recommended (I find it hard to find the time to spend on myself) but the difference after only a very few days is noticeable and has been commented on..

  118. Bernadette Rogers

    I have owned this OZMask face mask for a couple of weeks, it is very easy to use, comfortable to wear. It also has an automatic shut off, so dont have to worry about the mask when I accidentally fall asleep. I have use the mask every day, I have tried every OZMask color, still have not find the color it fits me. I will definitely recommend this OZMask to my friends.

  119. Lillian Q

    OzMask is amazing! My daughter loves hers and I got one for myself. A pretty good little investment for us. Bonus- my daughter’s boyfriend wants one.

  120. Danni Williams

    I have rosacea and have tried nearly every product known to man. I saw results with two weeks. I started with the blue light to treat the redness and now use cyan to treat the scarring. My face has not looked this good for years!

  121. Hayley Ross

    This is my first week of using my OzMask led face mask and tonight is the first night in 5 months that I have not had a rosacea flare up!! So happy!! And was not expecting any results this quickly.

  122. Annalisa

    I love this OZMask , it is actually the second one I got. The first one I bought doesn’t have as many colors and tends to get too hot so I return it. After been using this for 2 weeks I feel that my skin is actually firmer, mainly I just use the red color Since my concern is wrinkle. I use blue light sometimes for my oily skin I don’t have blemish problem so I could only say it works well if you have oily skin as less oil secretion after few hours of makeup. Functions are easy a few buttons and fair prices..

  123. Nicole M.

    I have always wanted a OZMask so i finally purchased OZMask . I have only used it a couple of times and my skin feels soft and hydrated. I can’t wait to see the effects after a couple of months!

  124. Carole 

    Amazing, wish I knew about this product a lot sooner it would have saved me so much money and time visiting the estheician to do the same treatment. I love how you can just put on the mask at home and let it run for 10 minutes day wearing my pjs. I have already notice difference in the glow and wrinkles around my eyes. My friends have told me that I don’t look as tired..

  125. Brittny 

    Love this mask. My skin always feels so soft after using it and I’ve noticed I have less wrinkles when I use it consistently. I recommend!.

  126. Lucy

    i used other cream masks they were efficient but i needed to keep on doing them over and over again but this mask fixed the pores problem i have and they are treated permanently

  127. Elizabeth S

    Amazing product!! Bought 3 masks for my family and we simply love them.

  128. Carolina 

    The mask is simply amazing on how easy it is to operate. While it looks a bit odd putting this device on your face in my living room, it really does enable my discoloration to diminish in just a couple of days. The green light therapy helps with my melanin and the red light also tightens my skin. I had a scar from years ago and it seems to have gotten lighter in the past week..

  129. Rita M. 

    The saying goes you get what you pay for and I felt I got more than that withOzMask. I was looking to help with my wrinkles and rough patches of skin that my salon use to help with light therapy. But it got costly and I never felt I got the full benefits doing it once a month. With the OZMask s Mask I could use it every day and on my couch, the quality of the packaging and device is superb.

  130. Heaven D. 

    So far so good. I have only used this a handful of times but I’ve seen small results like a reduction in skin inflammation (redness).

  131. Brook 

    This has done what Dr visits and expensive/bad side effect medications could not. Daughter has had moderate acne for a few years and very dry/sensitive skin. After 3 months of use 1-2 times daily, on average, her skin is noticeably smoother, acne cleared considerably, nearly gone, and dry skin/sensitivity is vastly improved. For her, acne in her mid-20s affected her self-esteem. Nothing worked until she started using this mask. I never would’ve thought light would help acne, but it has. I’m going to try it for wrinkles. Definitely worth trying before you spend hundreds on Dr’s and prescription medications!.

  132. Allegra

    It’s so creamy and it’s not greasy like so many other creams. Will buy it again..

  133. Stella B. 

    I have been using the OZMask OZMask for 16 days now and I would have to say that it has made a difference for my mild acne. I still get pimples, but they don’t last as long or get as big as they did before using this mask!

  134. Liam

    On this website, I recently purchased a LED light mask. I am seeing results for the first time. My skin feels so healthy and relaxed.

  135. Emma

    As a satisfied customer of Ozmask’s LED Light Therapy, I am thrilled with the results. The treatment has noticeably improved my skin’s texture and appearance. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking an effective and rejuvenating skincare solution.

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