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Multi-Function Device for Cleansing, Lifting, Moisturising

The ultimate 3 in 1 cleansing, lifting and moisturising device for that flawless glow, free from blackheads, acne and dull skin tone! Through gentle ultrasound vibration, you will also see re-texturising results. This device provides intense micro-massage to heat the skin tissue which in turn stimulates blood flow, aids in the penetration of skincare products, and strengthens your skin’s barrier. Use device 1-2 times per week for a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads, congestion, breakouts, uneven skin tone and dull complexion.

Works best with the use of a skincare product to avoid any discomfort.  

How to Use:

Please charge for 5 hours prior to first time use. After that, only a 3 hour charge will be required. Use one to two times a week.

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How to use it:

How to Use: Please charge for 5 hours prior to first time use. After that, only a 3 hour charge will be required. Use one to two times a week.

Cleansing Setting

  • After a warm shower or steaming your face, apply an oil cleanser or foaming/gel cleanser to face and neck
  • Move in an upward and outward motion to extract dirt, dead skin cells and grime from your pores and surface of your skin
  • Splash face with cold water and dry face to close pores
  • Follow with an antioxidant serum and/or moisturiser

Lifting Setting

  • Steam and wash your face to ensure face is completely clean
  • Apply serum of choice
  • Use device in an upward and outward motion to improve product absorption, helping you to get the most out of your ingredients. The micro-massage will help by heating the skin to improve blood flow and stimulate collagen production

Moisturizing Setting

  • After cleansing and steaming your face, apply a moisturizer of choice
  • Use the device to improve product absorption by moving in an upward and outward motion around the face
  • The micro-massage and heating will help improve the absorption of your moisturizer to improve hydration, plump fine lines and rejuvenate skin for a fresher complexion


Ultrasound 3-In-1 Facial Scrubber

20 reviews for OzMask – Ultrasonic Scrubber

  1. Jo Torres

    My wife loves her scrubber spatula. First of all, I hunt down every great deal I can find and especially keep an eye out for things my wife would like. I have tons of gadgets laying around that she didn’t think were as cool as I did. Not The Ultrasonic Skin Spatula. Let me be clear. I think she has perfect skin and needs no tool to make her beautiful, but she raves about the Qukot and uses it all the time. I don’t think you will find a better deal out there!

  2. Pat Glover

    When I got it in the mail I tried it for the first time and it made my skin soft. You can really see the dead skin coming off. Best product I ever bought.

  3. Erin Murray

    I like the lifting effect even though it’s temporary and the blackhead removal takes some effort but works on damp skin

  4. Angelina Jordan

    I just bought this ultrasonic face scrubber and I am learning how to use it. It comes with instructions but I found YouTube videos extremely helpful to explain how to use each function. This face scrubber came with 2 silicon caps, which are exactly the same, just different colors so you can share your face scrubber with someone else! They each have small bristles on one side and the wavy pattern on the other side to use for cleaning or moisturizing. It has a thin sleek design that is easy to hold while cleansing your face. It also has a long battery life after you charge it!

  5. Kimberly Fowler

    I noticed a huge difference in my skin after just one use on the cleansing mode! Even after a few hours later I looked at my face and really could not believe what a difference it had made. I would absolutely recommend to anyone with problem skin, texture issues, and oily skin

  6. Brooke Clayton

    Wish I would have bought it sooner, my skin care has never been this exciting and seen a change immediately in my skin.

  7. Kayla Ward

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the product removed my stubborn blackheads, particularly on my nose and chin. The warming and gentle vibration were soothing and effective. I’m not sure how much a difference the silicone covers make (really minimizes the ability to feel the vibration) but using the flat side of the spatula alone was pleasant when applying my moisturizer. It’s not going to be as great as a trip to the aesthetician would, but won’t cost nearly as much either!

  8. Jean Alvarez

    I love this handy little tool. It makes my skin feel so clean and firm. The first time I used it, I didn’t feel anything so I thought it maybe wasn’t working. But for the next few hours after using it, my skin sorta tingled. I have combination skin and I live in a dry climate. I also had adult acne in my twenties. Now I want to heal those old acne scars and prevent wrinkles. I feel like this is definitely helping.

  9. Lynette Williams

    Light weight and easy to use and really gets the job done.

  10. Opal Barnett

    I am fascinated by this device. I am in my early 40’s and starting to enhance my skin care routine to keep looking vibrant. I typically do not have a lot of breakouts, can experience dry skin and redness, especially on my chin, and have larger pores on and around my nose that I haven’t worried about because makeup hides them mostly. In the course of the last week this device has totally resolved my dryness/irritation and pleasantly and quickly taken care of a couple white heads that popped up. If you ever have the tendency to squeeze those, definitely get this instead! Seems to erase them with very little redness. The appearance of pores seems a little reduced with smoother, firmer skin. Would need more time to determine how this really works on fine lines but generally in 3 uses my skin does feel firmer and moisturized with less redness. I would recommend trying it, especially when you start googling for more info and find similar devices for hundreds of dollars.

  11. Laurie Bryant

    Amazing product! I first used the Cleansing mode with a toner, then I used the moisturizer mode with vitamin C and I had the same result as going to a SPA! My face looked relaxed, tight, clean and healthy. I also used the moisturizing mode with a light moisturizer on the rough side of the little sponge to try, and I loved it! Also I had no idea how thin and light it is, really easy to travel with! I recommend it!

  12. Kristen Goodman

    My teenage daughter asked for an ultrasonic skin scrubber to help with typical teenage skin issues. My daughter has used it a few times and is happy with the results. I tried it a couple of times and felt that the skin scrubber did the intended job. Ultimately, satisfaction with this product depends upon one’s skin issues and expectations. This is not a magic wand for skin cleaning; rather it is a unique way to help clean your skin. Because we read up on the use of ultrasonic skin scrubbers and watched a couple of how-to videos, we gave it five starts simply because it met our skin cleaning expectations. The unit is slender and glossy black in color with gold trim. It has a matching cap for the scrubber end. It also includes an USB cable for charging and two silicone convers for cleaning and lifting. Overall, we would recommend this product to someone looking for an ultrasonic skin scrubber.

  13. Wanda Fox

    I have this to my dtr for Christmas who has extremely dry and flaky skin, she loves it and after the first use, she raved about how her skin felt after only the first useage!!

  14. Naomi Moran

    Overall happy with the value of my purchase and very happy with the customer support. Would definitely shop with this seller again and the product is working as advertised.

  15. Myrtle Watts

    I loved this product soo much! As a SAHM I can’t always get to my facials but this gave spa like experience which allow me to escape right in my home. I love the triple action that I get with cleansing lifting and moisturizing. Check out my Vlog Dae Hayes with my Soul Care vs. Self Care a regimen.

  16. Lori Cole

    I can’t believe that there is something like this in the market. I have been looking for it for a long time. Wow, I am very impressed with this device. I can’t believe how well it extracted the gunk from my face. It was very impressive! So much better than going to do facial somewhere and pay a lot of money, and much less painful! If you press too hard, there is a burn/stinging feeling, but if you are relatively gentle there is no pain and it works fabulously. It is easy to hold, doesn’t slip, has a quick charge, and it’s easy to select which function you want. I would recommend this to anyone who deals with clogged pores… Especially blackheads. Don’t hesitate to buy this product!

  17. Sally Howard

    This is my first facial scrubber so I’m not experienced. The first time was hard to find the right angle and pressure. I’ve used it a few times now and I can see my skin improving and some hard to get deep areas are coming off. Going to start using it to apply moisturizer next. I would say it was a good value.

  18. Elaine Simmons

  19. Raquel Hernandez

    I purchased this device from Prime Day! Was not quite sure how effective it could be. I am very pleased as it exfoliates, helps unclog my pores, and my serums seem to penetrate better. It additionally has a lifting function as well. I was not expecting much, but I am quite happy as my pores seem to be shrinking and the result lasted a few days as I only used it maybe 1x every 10 days. I recently started using my device 1-2x a week and the results are so much more noticeable. I am so glad for this purchase!

  20. Laverne Higgins

    Lightweight and easy to use. Sleek design. Fast charging. Long lasting charge. Good value for the price. I’ve been using this for a couple months now and I notice an improvement in my skin. Especially around the nose and T-zone. Def improvement of black heads and dull skin. I can feel a substantial difference in the three ultrasonic levels. Interestingly, I also notice an improvement in my puffy eyes. The vibration motion aids in depuffing my eyes a bit on those mornings where I had a rough night sleep. Comes with USB cord but you will need to supply the plug. This isn’t a problem since I have a ton of those lying around the house.

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