OzMask – Face Cleaning Kit

I’m someone who takes care of their skin- double cleanse, fancy name brand silicone scrubby thing, regular masking, serums and essences, the works. I also have sensitive, aging skin with rosacea and large pores. I bought this tool after seeing some youtubers try it and wasn’t expecting much since my cleansing routine is so intense. I was shocked at the amount of stuff this little tool pulled out of my face!! It does leave my face red but it fades quickly. I find that the second suction level is perfect for getting all the gunk out without any other side effects. I have not had any negative effects on my skin since using this. Make sure you read the directions! Your face should be nice and warm- fresh out of the shower or use a steamer or warm washcloth. Keep the skin damp and move quickly to avoid suction marks. Honestly, if it works on my picky skin I think it would work for about anyone. It’s the only thing that has actually started to reduce the look of the large pores on my nose and cheekbones.