OzMask – Ultrasonic Scrubber

I am fascinated by this device. I am in my early 40’s and starting to enhance my skin care routine to keep looking vibrant. I typically do not have a lot of breakouts, can experience dry skin and redness, especially on my chin, and have larger pores on and around my nose that I haven’t worried about because makeup hides them mostly. In the course of the last week this device has totally resolved my dryness/irritation and pleasantly and quickly taken care of a couple white heads that popped up. If you ever have the tendency to squeeze those, definitely get this instead! Seems to erase them with very little redness. The appearance of pores seems a little reduced with smoother, firmer skin. Would need more time to determine how this really works on fine lines but generally in 3 uses my skin does feel firmer and moisturized with less redness. I would recommend trying it, especially when you start googling for more info and find similar devices for hundreds of dollars.