OzMask – Ultrasonic Scrubber

My teenage daughter asked for an ultrasonic skin scrubber to help with typical teenage skin issues. My daughter has used it a few times and is happy with the results. I tried it a couple of times and felt that the skin scrubber did the intended job. Ultimately, satisfaction with this product depends upon one’s skin issues and expectations. This is not a magic wand for skin cleaning; rather it is a unique way to help clean your skin. Because we read up on the use of ultrasonic skin scrubbers and watched a couple of how-to videos, we gave it five starts simply because it met our skin cleaning expectations. The unit is slender and glossy black in color with gold trim. It has a matching cap for the scrubber end. It also includes an USB cable for charging and two silicone convers for cleaning and lifting. Overall, we would recommend this product to someone looking for an ultrasonic skin scrubber.