OzMask – Face Cleaning Kit

I didn’t know until recently that I had a bacteria in my chin that causes sugar face. I’ve tried all kinds of washes over the years and they make my face feel like leather. In switching up my diet, washing my face before utilizing this tool, washing once more then moisturizing I’ve cleared more than half of my acne that has been a problem since I was a teen and I’m 36. I wish I could say it will go away overnight but with the right hygiene practice and this tool, my pores have become a lot smaller, blackheads nearly gone on my nose and sugar face on my chin close to being defeated. If you buy this, STICK WITH IT! Wash properly, use it properly and take your time. And if you’re bruising, you’re holding it too long in one spot or the vacuum is to high. It’s not a pretty process but the results have given me more confidence in what my face has become and can look like if I treat it this way from here on out. I personally wouldn’t recommend any other product.