OzMask – Healing Mask Advanced

I’ve waited 8 months to write this so hopefully, it provides some long term insights. LED masking is not just a $ investment but also a daily time investment. Is it worth it? I think it is a YES. I just turned 40 and I’ve never had better skin. I’ve always had adult acne, not bad enough to justify medication but still painful inflamed cyst that always ends as a mark. With blue light, the breakouts are now spots rather than cysts. I Purple light these spots, which “zaps” them so it is gone in a day or 2 and with no mark.  I’d previously lost elasticity on my cheeks due to aging and intense acids trying to counteract my acne. Scientifically red light takes about 8 months to show results. The skin tone in my left cheek is almost back to being plump, there is still some way to go on my right cheek but definitely a big improvement. The best thing about OzMask is actually their customer service. With scientific things like LED light wavelength, how much to use, what colour to use, you need advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. This’s especially so when it’s a mandatory part of your daily routine. It has to work. Michael has been legendary. With all the help Michael has provided, never once was there prompting to post a review. Which means that the 10,000+ reviews came from people who took the time to write something of their own volitation. It is how I feel, it changed my life and is an essential part of it, and I’d like to share it with everyone.